Your Flint River Ranch Distributor is that furry fella in the picture. His Distributor number is J W L 6
(kind of like the jewel he is)

Flint River Ranch foods do NOT contain wheat gluten. Wheat is used in some formulas; however, that wheat is acquired from a USDA-certified provider. The wheat used in FRR formulas is safe, does not come from China, and is always tested and certified.FRR products are made in America, using ingredients from known suppliers of over 14 years history. No ingredients are from China. We do not “piggy-back” on other product production runs. All of our formulas are made specifically for our customers, following our fixed ingredient recipe and under strict controls. No FRR formulas are made outside of the US.
This website is not the official web site of Flint River Ranch company. This site is owned and operated by FRR Independent Distributor JWL6. The pricing and policies, including discounts, shipping claims and return policies, are not necessarily those of Flint River Ranch company and are only supported by the distributor who owns and operates this site. If you are already a customer of Flint River Ranch and this is not your original distributor, your distributor may not receive credit for an order placed on this site
All the above being said, none of the prices, shipping claims or policies on this Distributor’s website differ in any way from the Flint River Ranch company.

The secret to Flint River Ranch’s great nutrition is how many nutrients are present in the pet food and how efficiently they are utilized when digested.

  • TWICE OVEN-BAKED Kibble (not extruded) to change the hard-to-digest “raw” starches into easy-to-digest dextrines.
  • Minerals are chelated; bonded with amino acids and highly effective in providing metabolic absorption.
  • Food is concentrated, there is more value with less food consumed.
  • Highly digestibile; pet owners will find less odor in the litter box and lower stool volume with less clean-up.
  • NO artificial colors or flavors.
  • NO fillers.
  • NO large amounts of salt (other makers do this to make the food more palatable).
  • NO Ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT.
  • NO Propyl Gallate, propylene glycol or other chemical preservatives.
  • Because Flint River Ranch is concentrated for better nutrition, palatability and digestibility, you will feed from 20% – 25% less than steam-extruded foods.Read more about what APIsays about pet food.

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Try one bag of food on your favorite pet, you may become a believer!

The pup in the picture, above, died Oct 20th, 2001. He was 13 and he had megaesophagus. Flint River Ranch dog food is the only dog food (out of numerous brands tried) that Sabbath did not regurgitate for many months. There is no medical reason that I know of, but it worked for us!
Eventually, though, there was nothing more that could be done and I had to let him go. I don’t want to remove his picture from this site. He was the reason I found Flint River Ranch, and now my other dog, Gunner as well as all the foster dogs I have, benefit from this product.

Proceeds from the sales made from this site have gone to donate a website for Ziggy Beagle Rescue and to feed my in-house foster dogs that have been rescued. My current foster dogs are Buddy, from FL and TiVo. Recent fosters were Tonto, Winnie, Penny, Honey and her seven puppies, Ella, Lena, Lizzie, Baby, Mitzi, Derby,Elvis, Drake, Toby, Babe, Honey, Luci,Kip, Dutchess, Sunshine, Heidi, Bojo, Suri, Snickers, Goldie, Duchess, Tiny and BB ~~ each one is adopted.

dog11Flint River Ranch, please!

30 day Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with your Flint River Ranch product, you can return your purchase within 30 days for a full product refund. Flint River Ranch must be contacted within those 30 days to be informed of your intention to return these products in order to qualify for a full product refund (does not include refund for shipping). Product must be shipped; postage paid, to the FRR facility assigned to receive your return by the Call Center.

Please contact FRR at 800/354-6858 during our work hours (weekdays 9am to 4pm EST) or email us at orders@frrco.com for appropriate instructions and a return authorization code (RAC). Product being returned must be sealed if opened, be properly padded & packed and have the RAC clearly marked on the outside of the package below your return address. Please include this RAC on a memo inside summarizing the reason for return. Orders received outside of this process will not fall under this stated guarantee and may have additional Shipping & Handling charges assessed to the refund. More info on shipping at Shipping Info